Thursday, October 6, 2011

Farewell, Friends

So, Spanky is getting his very own home and family. And The Captain might not be the only barn resident who might be moving on soon, starting their real lives as the family companions they were meant to be.

Good news, certainly. So why then do I also consider this news not completely joyful? As we all know, it truly is hard to say "Goodbye."

Inevitably, whenever a barn resident leaves to start his new life, I'm both happy and sad. Do I wish that perhaps he could stay just a little longer at the barn, so we could get to know one another even a little better, have a little more time for fun games, take at least one more walk around the neighborhood, so I could watch him and his friends race around the yard a couple more laps? I sure do. Do I still hope to see that familiar face when I arrive for future shifts? You bet.

Do I also realize this is a rather selfish way of thinking? Yup. It's futile though trying to get control of how attached you'll become to these guys that you help prepare for their lives after the barn. That's the whole point. Help bring out the best in them, so that not only you recognize the wonderful dog this is, but that others will see it as well and want to bring that wonderfulness into their lives.

No use trying to control matters of the heart. I'll mope and feel bad for a time, miss seeing those beautiful faces when I'm at the barn, feel frustrated because I can't make them understand how I really feel about not seeing them again and how much I'll miss them. Then I'll finally realize for good that this is the way it's supposed to be. Know when you have to let go and take comfort that they are now living with someone who loves them just as much or more.


  1. Anita, you're always so thoughtful in posting comments on others' posts. You know, we really need to start seriously discussing and planning that barn dog reunion.

  2. im only a reader of ur blogs/FB and even I miss the Pits as they head off to new happy homes. However, i know that the Barn has a cycle and look forward to the newest installment of activity/comedy/drama that is just around the corner :)


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