Saturday, October 1, 2011

the smallest pit bull wannabe

Not quite our breed type but discrimination is wrong, right? This little gremlin was in the right place at the right time when she dragged herself near the barn last month. Team handler Caroline Davis grabbed the near-dead thing right up and Project Gremlin was launched. She was in bad, bad shape but somehow powered on despite being blind/starving/dehydrated/lame, full of foxtails and crawling maggots in her ears (I know - nasty!) No job's too small for the pit bull crew, though...

Long story short, two weeks of shuffling and triage care and a flurry of emails and she's not only safe, but thriving. Enormous thanks to Caroline for saving her, to Carolyn Pettigrew for the intense TLC work and Katie Moyer for hooking her up with a fab foster home. You know a pit bull-in-need when you see one and we just love you for it.


  1. aw you can really see the change in her in these pics. so happy she was found and that she is thriving. love these stories!!!

  2. Little dog-in need - B.I.G. hearted Bad Rap Peeps!! The Gremlin looks darn perky in the after photo, especially considering her near death condition before (maggots - eww!!!) Big ups!!

  3. Thank you for seeing past the the outward appearance and helping this little dog get back on her feet. We're reppin' BAD RAP on the East Coast with our own boy!

  4. Is she an affenpinscher or just a mutty mutt? Either way, she looks so much better and so much happier!

  5. You may be right! Carolyn P thinks she's an affenpinscher too, anon.

    Which begs the question: Who loses a senior affenpinscher? The world continues to amaze.


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