Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Afternoon At Uba's

As if it isn't enough that Star is borrowing Uba's most beloved treadmill while he heals from knee surgery, this afternoon she got to play with his flirt pole
She also enjoyed the view of the neighborhood from Uba's back porchand met a new kitty friend.
Uba welcomed the newcomer to his house by settling down next to her crate for a good chew session.
Star's short visit to Uba's house was full of new and interesting things, not to mention the torment of watching a little black dog enjoy a chew toy right in front of her while she was trying to take a nap. I'm sure she will sleep well back in her familiar kennel at the barn on her beloved naugahyde chair.


  1. If that grin is anything to go by, Star had a mighty good time with Uba's flirt pole! Perhaps chewing outside her crate was his little way of getting revenge? I hope Star's forever home has a naugahyde chair for her!

  2. I love Star! She is gorgeous. Though I do feel for Uba. I know he wants to run!!! Hang in, baby. x Sarah (your fan in NYC)


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