Sunday, September 11, 2011

Autumn Evening?

Is it fall yet? We're not sure, but we definitely enjoyed the changing light and the warm air up at the Barn tonight.
Pretty Star

Enjoying some down time with her toy stash.

Jondi says, "Um, you're sort of blocking my sun."

"Better, thanks."

This is a slimming angle for Spanky Pants.

Captures his sweet nature, but not his broad shoulders.

"Anything good on the table?"


  1. Star still liking her sticks! Happy pups! Of course happier when they have their happy, loving homes!

  2. We're so happy to see your artful photos here Inga. Thank you!

  3. I didn't realize Spanks HAD a slim angle! Lovely pics.

  4. That last photo of Jondi... ha ha! Wonder if she would have preferred to find either food or a squeeky toy on the table?


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