Thursday, September 8, 2011


The newest barn resident demonstrated there's more than one way to follow through on this cue. Who knew?

Here's Captain Spanky trying out a sit with a slight left lean.

Here's the young man taking a more relaxed and informal placement on his posterior.

Here's the hover sit, stating "I'm ready to spring into action if you don't snap that picture already."

And lastly, the perfected position.

This young man has as many ways of sitting as he does nicknames around the barn. He'll "sit" to: Spanks, Mr Spanks, Captain Spanky, The Spankster, and Spanky Doodle Dandy. (Thanks to all the crew members who contributed to this impressive list of labels for our handsome hunk.)


  1. and spankalicious too! Love the lean by the way! My favorite sit position!

  2. Such a talented boy and so handsome!! So glad that he's found a place at the Barn until he can find his forever home!!

  3. My gal can be a very sloppy sitter--pit bull types can really rock a casual pose! I have to say, Spanky Doodle Dandy sure looks grand when sitting in the proper position. So handsome!

  4. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA, how freaking adorable. Spank you very much, SeƱor McSpankleton.


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