Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Odd Couple

No, we're not taking you back to revisit the old sitcom with Felix and Oscar. The barn has its own version of "The Odd Couple." It's

The Captain and Patsy

These two can't wait to get out of their kennels and immediately start wrestling and running with each other. And sometimes they even take a break from all that playing...

The Captain might have a size advantage over Patsy the Pup. (You know, though, he's just a big old softy.)

What Patsy lacks in size in comparison to Spanky she certainly makes up for with attitude. This little girl is fearless, some might say a little big for her britches at times.

The two might look like an odd couple, but they compliment each other beautifully, a perfect pairing for the barn's own entertaining sitcom. They're BBF: Barn Buddies Forever.


  1. They would be the perfect duo for someone to adopt! They could play with each other when their humans poop out...I have a duo much like this and yes, the girl who is HALF the size of the boy gets a little too big for her britches too. He has to put her in her place, him being the elder and the Alpha. But she tries...
    Captain and Patsy are so cute together...they could probably sway the most terrified anti-Pit Bull person!

  2. I loved watching the two of them frisking together in the video you posted on Facebook. I'm so glad that basset-footed bunny Patsy is learning about other dogs from such great mentors!


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