Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Captain Spanky's Vacation - A Taste of Life as a House Dog

Who woulda thunk that the cushy life of a house dog also came with more rules?

Yes, the Captain has been enjoying his taste of house-dog life but his teenage brain has also been working hard to remember some new rules. Let's see:

- no chewing on shoes, rugs, chairs, or stuffies belonging to the small human.

Oops - busted!!

- dogs must walk slowly and carefully when approaching the cat and not stare rudely at said cat.

Here is the Spankster practicing NOT staring and pretending he doesn't see the trash he pulled out of the trash can.

- no rummaging in the trash can or licking the tasty remains off the dishes in the dish-washing machine

Mmmm - those food scents are sure tempting to the Captain!

Whew - so much for one lughead to remember when he's trying to enjoy his vacation!!

So, to help him remember, Spanky has been learning and practicing the "leave-it" game. Oh it was so hard to resist the yummy treats the barn lady used, but he did it and then got to eat the goodies when he did well! So when he forgets the new rules and is asked to "leave-it", this command helps him. Captain Spanky has also had lots of practice now at doing "down-stay", especially when he supervises the household chores and watches carefully to make sure nothing is missed. Life as a house-dog sure comes with lots of work!

On the upside, Spanky has enjoyed daily walks to the park where he has enjoyed watching soccer practices, kids riding their bikes, and lots of people and dogs passing by. He loves spending time hanging out with the barn lady's family and visitors, and enjoys rummaging through the toy basket for just the right toy to play with.

Captain Spanky even got to spend "A Day at the Office" - check out tomorrow's blog entry telling all about it!

When we were all sweltering from the heat a few days ago, the barn lady gave Captain Spanky a soothing doggy spa-bath with wonderful smelling doggy shampoo and fluffy towels.

Baths are something that not all house-dogs enjoy, but the Spankster showed his enjoyment by doing zoomies around the room, pulling out and playing with every available toy, and then passing out contentedly in his cool and comfy crate.

Ah yes, even with all of the new rules, Spanky is enjoying his vacation and getting a taste of life as a house-dog.


  1. that pic of him "NOT" staring is hilarious!

  2. Yes Maise's Mom - he had us laughing a lot during his visit. Spanky will make someone a wonderful house-dog :)

  3. I concur--the "I can't see it because I'm not looking at it so I don't what you're talking about" expression is classic. "Leave it" is a wonderful command and I'm glad the Cap'n got lots of practice on how it can be applied around the house. My dog would agree that one of the joys of living in a house is rummaging through the toy box to find exactly the right toy! Can't wait to hear about his day at the office!

  4. One dog's trash is another dog's treasure. That paperboard roll that The Captain is attempting not to see is gold around our house. Those and the rolls from paper towels are my girl's favorite toys. She chews them like a gerbil. No $25 indestructible squeeky plush toys for her. She prefers garbage, I mean reusable items.


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