Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet the Team!

The newest members of our team got together and concocted a way to celebrate the dogs and our partnership to help them. That included a BBQ with icy mojitos and major happy food at the barn - with all the orphan canines invited. What a blast. The dogs enjoyed one of their BEST days ever, surrounded by the people they call family. Being surrounded by grilling meat didn't hurt too much either.

This gave me a chance to (finally!) snap photos of everyone so you can see the lovely faces behind the names. (All except for Connor Cook who's vacationing somewhere wonderful and who owes us a photo so we can prove that males really do sign on for animal-related volunteer work!)

Many thanks to our newest dog handlers. We're so proud to know you!
Link: Meet the Team!

Above, a favorite outtake of Ana Poe being mugged by the irrepressible Star.


  1. Yeah for the team! Right on - looks like a blast had by all! and a big, fat THANK YOU for all you are doing!

  2. FANTASTIC pic!!!! nuthin but luuuuuuuv <3


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