Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Friends

The barn residents had some guests yesterday, a very nice couple (Alexandra and Andy) who wanted to bring some goodies for the dogs, spend a little quality time with cuddly canines (well, cuddly pit bulls), and have part of a birthday wish fulfilled (Alexandra's). The barn residents (in this case, Patsy, Jondi and Captain Spanky) were pleased to show the visitors around and let them know how welcome they were, especially if one comes bearing gifts.

The barn dogs, hopefully, provided some much needed doggy affection, too, which the visitors unfortunately haven't been getting enough of after losing their own handsome pit bull boy much too early in life. Here's Captain Spanky doing his best to be the gracious host:

Looks like Andy found just the right spot on Spanky. All three residents are hoping they had a similar effect on the both of you. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Got a little teary eyed reading that post! So sweet, and such a great picture! Sounds like a lovely afternoon!


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