Thursday, September 8, 2011

Security Breach!

Sheepish much Jondi?

A certain orphan dropped by for a surprise visit yesterday to tell us about the weak links in our fences and gates at the barn. What's a little gate or two when the really GOOD stuff's going on in the big house?

Oh Jondi! We hope your real home is coming soon. You're certainly telling us that it's time you had your very own house again.


  1. Look at that big, goofy grin!! So sweet!!!

  2. She looks awfully pleased with herself! If she truly were the Avon Lady, I just might have to buy something! I love the excited paw, the googly grin with happy tongue, and the pup's puzzlement. Can't blame you for wanting to hang in the Big House when such swell folks dwell there, Jondi!

  3. More like a Jehovah's Witness (bless my cousins, but they won't take "no" for an answer!).


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