Friday, July 6, 2012

America's Birthday Re-Cap

1. Play fetch with an American dog.
Diva loves her multi-colored tennis ball.
2. Take your American puppy for a nice stroll around the neighborhood.
Oscar is learning about begin a big boy and enjoying his walk.
3. Help a new American dog get her bearings.
Jiboom is learning the barn routine.
 4. Give an American dog a long ear rub.
Willy enjoys an nice massage in the sun.
5. Take your American dog camping.
Miss. Louisiana, Tallulah, finally got to spend the night in the tiny cabin with her friends.


  1. Sounds like the best American birthday ever for an American dog. Those are some beautiful, lucky dogs to be helped by Bad Rap.

  2. Thanks for giving these gorgeous dogs a perfect July 4th.

  3. What a great way to celebrate an American holiday! (My American dog celebrated by getting dosed with Rescue Remedy, getting wrapped up tight in a towel in hopes of it would replicate the effect of a Thundershirt, and panting and pacing in the laundry room.)

  4. What a stunning photo of Miss Diva!!

  5. Colleen, I completely sympathize. Tallulah got her overnight stay in the cabin so her foster sister could get away from the terrible, scary, evil booming noises in our neighborhood.


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