Thursday, July 5, 2012

Elliot's Vacation

Elliot's bosses gave him a couple of days off from barn duty. Such nice bosses. His friends on the team stayed at the cabin and took care of all the shifts so he didn't have to feel bad about leaving. Such nice teammates.

So Elliot went up to the mountains and made believe that he was a wolf. Here he is pretending to be a wild wolf super model for Ansel Adams.

While he was in the forest, he discovered a steam train so decided to hop on board to see all the sights a wolf should know about. The shaking and clackettey clack of the train car was worrisome at first, but soon Elliot got the hang of things and starting to enjoy the ride, even when the train whistle blew. Toooooot!

The conductor took his ticket and seemed just fine with having a wolf onboard ... yes!

Two little girls wanted to talk with Elliot, so he had to pretend he wasn't a wild animal for a minute. Good thing, because the man behind them wanted to pick his nose and Elliot knew that a true wolf would howl with laughter about that, which wouldn't be very polite.

His new friends the girls stared into his eyes and told him how wonderful he was. Elliot decided he likes vacations very much.

After a big day prowling the mountains and riding on the steam train, Elliot was happy to learn that the wild place had all the comforts of home.

He feel asleep with Mr. Tim and thought ever so briefly about his friends at the barn.

Then, he ran off to the woods in his dreams and howled at the almost full moon and decided that he was the luckiest dog on the whole earth.


  1. Elliot is one lucky pup! To be a steam-train-riding wolf for a day must have been heavenly!

  2. Elliot, I think you are one of the luckiest dogs around! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation. I'm guessing you took the train ride in Santa Cruz??? Love the photos. Happy to see everyone enjoyed their time away.

  3. Sweet dreams, Elliot. Sweet dreams.

    PS - I had two beautiful, smart, loving wolves and Elliot would make them proud.

  4. Hilarious! He is the luckiest dog on the whole earth. Elliot was a very polite wolf considering what the man was doing behind him. Way to go Elliot. One cool dog (I mean wolf).

  5. Wonderful, funny story. You guys sure know how to give Elliot and the other dogs a good time.


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