Sunday, July 15, 2012

a little work, a little play

While Diva and Oscar were off at Pit Ed Class learning about good manners when out in public, the rest of the barn dogs did their thing.

A little work......

here's Willy concentrating really hard on "leaving-the-treat"

Disclaimer: As his reward for "leaving-it" as asked, Willy got to eat the treats so no dog was tortured or mistreated in the taking of this picture or in this training activity.

A little play......

rockin' and a rollin', reelin' and a rockin', Gurdy and Jibboom are havin' fun

Whether you're working or playing, the pooches hope you enjoy your weekend too.


  1. Thanks for your blogs and pictures and thanks for helping these beautiful dogs and making their lives fun. You put a smile on my face and I am sure a lot of faces all over the world each day. It is always great to see dogs have fun.

  2. Willy looks like he's concentrating really hard doesn't he? Love to see them play. A little work and a little play never hurt anyone.

  3. You all really know how to give these dogs a good, fun time after being such good dog trainers. Your pictures always capture the moment.


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