Thursday, July 19, 2012

Olive's new smelly boy

Olive met Willy the other day, which was soooper exciting. Mostly, it was exciting because Willy still has his b-b-balls for the moment. Oh sweet geesuz!

She was enthralled with his manly scent, which made for some shameless flaunting and popcorn dance flirting. Willy was a gentleman about it all, not wanting to take advantage of the amorous young vixen, and they sorted out an awkward but excitable tour of the barn yard together.

Olive: "Oh baby. Oh baby, baby! You are so fine."

Willy: "Uh .. Okay. Thanks for letting me know."

Finally, Olive plopped down on the ground in a fit of happiness.  Surrounded by some of her first people ... at her first home...with her brand new boyfriend. It was almost too much.

Olive's fans may want to know that, all hurdles jumped, Miss Olive is now available for adoption. When she finally finds her person, we've all agreed that we may fall into a heap of happy on the ground too. Share the news!


  1. Lovely Olive has come such a long way. So very happy for her! She will find her forever home in no time!

  2. Doing the happy dance over here for Miss Olive - woot woot! And you better believe I've shared the good news on Facebook in case her people are looking for her there.

  3. Way to go girl! Awesome news! Okay so the last picture she reminds me of a cat with a euphoric look after a good time with catnip! Olive!

  4. How sweet. She has come a long way because of all you great people. Glad she's having fun.

  5. Miss Olive, who taught you how to be such a flirty girl? You really have become quite good at it. Do you hear the cries of joy coming from So-Cal? They are from your biggest fans who are so incredibly proud of you! We knew you were a star all along. You have conquered every challenge, and have torn down every label that had previously been placed upon you. Keep up the good work, your forever home will be coming soon...I just know it! I know you are a busy girl, but let me know when you might be free for a special visit. We miss you! HUGS and belly rubs to you!

    1. Hi Lisa - I have checked my calendar and it seems as if I will be on vacation August 2 thru 6 - but I am free for in person belly rubs any other time.


  6. Olive is the dog that was labeled "Aggressive" because of reactive behaviors with other dogs. Is that correct?

    A fine example of why these labels don't work. My dog came home from the shelter with a long list of things they told me she would never based on her behavioral assessment there. Nonsense! Just like us, they grow and change over time.

    Great job with Olive!

  7. she is so beautiful. If not a shameless flirt. (:
    Go Olive!! x Sarah (fan in NYC)

  8. Keep up doing these great stories and pictures and this fun-loving, beautiful girl will have a loving home in no time, as she should.

  9. I subscribe to your blog. The blog updates seem to come at night-usually right before I am ready to go to bed. After a session of Facebook-looking at all the dogs that need help, the ones I wish I had the room to at least foster, the sad stories...It is nice to receive this blog update after all that. It leaves me with some happy thoughts (and snorts of laughter) to go off to sleep with...Thanks for the updates on these Wonder-Dogs! Speaking of wonder...How is Jondi?

  10. Oh, Olive, what a treat! Nothing like a little man-musk to drive you wild, eh, honey? I'm glad you're enjoying life and feeling flirtatious and doing the happy popcorn dance!

  11. Aww... I was just re-reading the original Olive post from January, and thinking it was time for an update. Thanks for not giving up on her. Hoping to see the barn in August!


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