Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Brindle Dogs

They may look alike, but thats about all they have in common.
Even though she's deaf Gurdy is a party girl. She is a tiny barrel of laughs coming up with some new silly antic every day. She keeps close tabs on the people so they don't disappear on her again and bumps her little blocky body into knees demanding butt scratches and belly rubs.
Willy may look like a big tough guy, but he is as soft and gentle as they come. He happily rolls on his back when the barn girls want to wrestle. On walks he is a perfect gentleman, only gently suggesting a route if there is a spot that MUST be peed on. When exercise and play time is over he softly nuzzles his human friends asking for a gentle massage while he stares deeply into your eyes.

Two perfect brindle dogs.


  1. They are all gorgeous, sweet, fun and unique. I am sure many people including me would love to give them a loving home if we could. Wishing you sweeties that perfect home soon. These blogs are great in getting people to know these great dogs. Thanks.

  2. Gurdy and Willy you are such great dogs aren't you? Have fun with the good people at Bad Rap until you find your perfect home. Two brindle beauties.

  3. They would be a cute pair to adopt together wouldn't they?


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