Tuesday, July 31, 2012

sign this

Having a deaf dog in the program has made us all so much better about using hand signals when we train. You can't really get lazy and repeat 'Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit' with a hand sign ... Well, I guess you can, but you'd look like a spazz and you might incite excitable jumping in a young dog if you did.

Here's Barn Crew trainee Yomai trying out her sign for 'Wait' and working to convince the dogs that complying brings good stuff -- like that treat that's sitting just inches from their little paws.

It's looking like all the hearing dogs are enjoying the hand signs too. A score for everyone.


  1. Good point. Thanks for educating and helping people with their dogs. I am sure Yomai had these sweeties mastering the wait command in no time since there was such a good reward of treats for doing so. They look very focused on her understandably so.

  2. Those treats are worth the wait aren't they? Such attentive dogs. Great picture and good information. Thanks.


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