Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A dog of many talents - by Willy

I'm a modest and quiet kinda guy but Aunty says I should be proud of my many talents and had me make a list. 

You may have read about some of them so you already know I can do magic (I can appear to disappear right in front of you), and you know that I'm a good boyfriend to Nina and a great dog-friend to the Kikster.  Aunty says I have LOTS more talents but I don't want to brag, so here's just some of them:

  • Aunty says that I'm the best back-seat driver ever because I daydream and don't say a word.

  •  I  am a polite office-dog and I listen well (though I have no idea WHO the Giants are!)

  •  I'm an excellent trash can inspector  (hmmm, is that shrimp fried rice?  Yum!)

  • I'm a dog for-all-seasons.  Here I am styling in my fall bandana. (Aunty thinks I'm quite the male model )

  • I'm a jogger and an excellent exercise companion

And one of my favorite talents that I like to demonstrate whenever I can...

  •  I'm a great lap dog!


  1. Oh Willy --- We love you sooooo !

  2. Mmm... makes me wish I had a hundred acres of sweet green grass for him to run in... along with all the other doggies I'd love to adopt if I had time and room. ;) There's somebody special waiting for you, Willy! Just keep honing those lap dog skills and it won't be long.

  3. Great pics! The last one looks like another example of "disappear right in front of you." Camo Willie!

  4. Sweet Willy. You are a gorgeous looking dog. With these great blogs and pictures describing you I know it won't be long before that special family sees you and wants to take you home. Many of us, I am sure, would scoop you up in a heartbeat, if we had room. You are lucky to be staying with Auntie Anita and her family. Seems like you fit right in. Enjoy family life with them until your permanent person or family comes along.

  5. Ah Willy, you are very talented! And have such soulful eyes!! I am sure your forever home will find you soon...until then keep enjoying that sweet foster family of yours and all of your adventures. ;)

  6. Aww Willie, I heart you! I'd love to be able to bring you home. The family that gets to adopt you will be very lucky to have a guy like you.


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