Friday, October 5, 2012

where's Willy?

While Willy is learning about being a house-dog at my house, I've discovered that Willy has learned how to 'appear to disappear'.

For a few moments early this morning, before I'd had my coffee, I thought Willy had disappeared somewhere in my room. 

Can YOU see him?

And then he looked up, and I saw him....

- and a refrain of "do you think I'm sexy" started playing in my head.  Meanwhile, Nina (my brindle-spotted girl) is smitten with Willy - she thinks this handsome boy is!


  1. He's got a nice animal print coat--no wonder he blends in so well with the pillows!

  2. Anita, I am jealous! I love that boy!! Hugs to you for taking him home. :)

  3. Yes, I love leopard print and I have a faux fur throw on my couch. My black/brown brindle Sadie loves blankies and snugglies of any kind. So a couple of times when she was sleeping on the leopard print throw, I have almost sat on her accidentally (oops!)

  4. I've stepped on our black lab several times as he is laying on the shaggy black rug in the living room.


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