Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Willy's got a girl friend

Well, actually handsome Willy has TWO girl friends - one older gal and a very young one.  I'm talking about the sassy furry Nina, and the two legged curly haired kid, Kiki.  I'll show ya what I mean.

Willy and Nina
Nina may be an elder-bull, but she sure likes young Willy.  Here's a little peek at the two hanging out:

... here they are sitting pretty and giving me their best "PLEASE give us a treat" faces


... the pooches practice 'leave it'


...and together they inspect something interesting in the back yard

Willy and the Kikster

From the time the kid arrived, these two were virtually inseparable:


... early in the morning, while still half asleep

... taking walks together


... at the playground together

... even when pooped out after a busy day

Oh yeah, foster-life is pretty darn good right now for gentle hunky Willy.


  1. I smell a foster failure in the making ;)

  2. Willy you are gentle and hunky and you have it made at Aunt Anita's house. Great people helping you along with having the beautiful Nina be your girlfriend. Glad you have it so good Willy.

  3. I think every pitbull should have a little girl or boy of their own.

  4. Oh, Willy! He is such a hunk :) I have a soft spot for brindle boys with hearts of gold......he needs his own little girl to take on adventures, can't wait till he finally meets his family.

  5. You know, I love all the pictures of the dogs, but I especially love the ones of the dogs with other animals and kids. So many people out there unfortunately still think of pit bulls as aggressive animals who exist only to attack other creatures and people. It's great to see images that dispel that perception and provide proof of their loving, loyal and playful nature.


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