Monday, October 15, 2012

Ken Foster Slept Here

Celebrated author Ken Foster will be here in less than two weeks for the hoedown. But even MORE exciting than Ken (we love him, but really) is his book. His BOOK - I'm a Good Dog - will be hot off the press and in his hot little hands and then in our hands and then in everyone's hands. At the hoedown. Not ho-down, mind you.

Rumor has it that he'll be sharing our humble guest cabin with celebrated dog diva Clara Yori and HECTOR and good god can you stand it WALLACE (if he's feeling up for the drive) and pimping their own milestone book: Wallace

So then, do we post a 'Ken Foster Slept Here' plague on the cabin wall or do Hector and Wallace trump Ken? Dueling books, dueling pit bull celebs. Our brains are exploding.

Not to end on a commercial, but our guest list has climbed over our original mark and we're considering closing the ticket sales so we can order this food we need to order already and call it a day. So if you're considering whether to join us, please do it now while we're still mulling. We would so love to see you in the glow of the party lights and everyone's bigger than life smiles. Event Link


  1. You should have a wall of fame in the cabin and everyone who stays there two legged and four sign something special to remember the visit. On a wall or a plaque. Can't wait to see all the posts about the event.

  2. I would love to be there, like so many people I am sure. If I could, I would, believe me. I really hope it will be a resounding success and a whole lot of fun. I will be there with you in spirit and will look forward to the pictures. Definitely so much to celebrate.

  3. Looking forward to lots of pictures!

  4. Looks so cool! I want to experience also to have a rest there. Such a relaxing!


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