Friday, July 22, 2011

Arnie Time

Arnie got to hang out with us this week while his family vacationed. While he was here, he earned his kibble by romping around and entertaining all the other dogs, and he gave the team some good flirt pole practice. Flirt pole fun is the best game ever for Mister-I-Want-to-Chase-Squirrels, because it teaches him the importance of dis-engaging from his obsession when he'd really really rather not.

We've been singing the praises of the flirt on our "other" blog and facebook page. In case you missed it, here 'tis.

I know the dogs here will miss Arnie when he leaves, and the squirrels might even miss him too. We think they had fun watching him practice his manners from their perch on the trees. They might've been laughing a little, too ...

"HA-HA! Silly dog chases stick toy and forgets we're here. Pfffffft!"


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