Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Jolly Ball

The new favorite toy at the barn is a big red jolly ball.
Mr. Jiggs is a big fan of the jolly ball and was gracious enough to pose with his prize.
Jondi loves the jolly ball even more that Jiggs does. The big red ball is a dream come true for this toy maniac. She spent some time this evening showing us how to properly enjoy a toy.
Star is not impressed by the jolly ball. She preferred her favorite stick today.
Play sessions with favorite toys are an important part of the barn dogs' lives. Play allows the dogs to let loose, gain confidence and show us their personalities. Jiggs is a silly puppy, Jondi takes her fun seriously and Star is finally learning how to relax.
After a good play the barn pups are all happy to relax quietly in their kennels.


  1. The Jolly Ball is fantastic! I got the smaller one for my girl and she has a blast with it. Thinking the bigger one could be better! Great fun for them - the last picture says it all! aaahhhhh!

  2. Our boy Luke absolutely adores his Jolly Ball, too!

  3. My dog has this ball and it is her FAVORITE toy. She loves it and it is one of the few balls that she can't pop!

  4. "I keep it!!!!"
    - Jondi

    I suppose it should no longer surprise me the amount of damage our pibbles can do to even something as hard as a Jolly Ball, but I still couldn't believe it when my kids tore the handle clean off of ours a few weeks ago. Or when it took them all of 30 seconds to chew holes in the new tug toys made of firehose material. Or the ones made of kevlar. Or basically anything else touted as indestructible. I think they only thing they haven't systematically dismembered yet is their big black Kongs.

    It's cuz they have 40,000 psi bite pressure, you know. 100% fact. Proven by Science.


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