Sunday, July 17, 2011


Relaxing has been an acquired skill for Star, who used to move Non. Stop. Living so many years on a chain will do that to some dogs, especially higher drive dogs, as their brain & body work to sort out the stimulation of a new world and the pent up energy that's been bottled up for so long. What do you do with all that energy and how can you possibly relax when you might miss something wonderful? These are Star's lessons from the weekend...

iCuddle. This is so so new - a work in progress. Yay!


And I try really really hard to follow role model Elliot dog's example and sit pretty and not jump up on the table where the delicious delicious delicious food is waiting for me to eat it ALL.

Oops. Trying my very best...

iRelax. Yes I do, I really do!


  1. Thanks - I needed that! It was a crazy day today, but you made me take a deep breath and smile! Virtual belly rub to you! and aaaahhhhhh!


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