Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grinning from ear to ear

Joanne and I wanted to get some new photos of the dogs on our shift together. We finally got a few with a little coaxing, some attention-grabbing noises, treats, of course, and the promise to leave the dogs alone as soon as we got a couple of decent shots.

And the result was... What do all of you think? Who has the widest, happiest grin?

Silly Mr Jiggs with his sparkly eyes and pearly white teeth? And we know this boy deserves to be smiling.

Or perhaps one of our resident redheads? With all of the toys she's accumulated from all of her fans and smitten barn crew members, yeah, Jondi's got one or two things to smile about also.

Or maybe our other redhead, Star. Unfortunately, she was having none of the "pretty please, let us take your picture just this once." So she kept tight hold of her ball and gave us a raspberry instead, "Thpppf!" At least she caught a little sun on her face until returning her attention to more interesting matters.

These guys may have come from far less than ideal circumstances, but they have plenty to grin about now.


  1. Jondi looks like the "Princess and the Pea" on top of her pink blankie. Thanks to people like you,they have reason to smile. Thanks for all you do for these wonderful animals!

  2. I like Star's picture, that girl has so much personality (pit-ality?)! Hey, just an idea, but with her busy, problem solving, people pleasing pit-ality :), I think maybe she'd be a good candidate for service dog work...? I trained my own little monster (a pit), and she LOVES her job! I would gladly take Star in and show her the ropes...if I had the room. Damn apartment living! However, there is an organization in the Sacramento area that trains rescue pits to be service dogs, they're called Chako(.org). I haven't had any experience with these people, so I don't know much beyond who they are and what they do, *shrug* Like I said, just an idea. :) Give that beautiful girl - the other gorgeous barn residents, and of course Elliot, a cookie for me!

  3. Yup, gotta go with Jondi on this one. But they all look blissful. Raspberries aside.


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