Thursday, July 7, 2011

"They call me Mr Jiggs."

It's always a delight getting acquainted with the new barn residents, especially when they're packed with personality (and a little mischief) like our new boy, Jiggs. So on our first shift together, Mr Jiggs showed me just who he is and what gets him going.

Here he is being thoughtful and patient.

Here's Jiggs showing he has a fondness for toys, and the ability to launch himself in a nano second.

And here.... Well, he's just a wild man here. You've never seen anyone so overjoyed with being able to run like the wind and enjoy just being.

He's not always wild and crazy though. Jiggs can be serious when needed. Here he is listening attentively to what he'll be asked to do next. And maybe thinking about launching himself into some more zoomies.

I wonder what side of himself Mr Jiggs will show me next week?


  1. I have such a school girl crush on you, Mr Jiggs. It is completely inappropriate because I am almost 40 and you are, well, just a puppy. But, I just can't resist your ears, your paws, your smile. If you ever want to come to Indiana to run on our 12 acres, we'd love to have you and I PROMISE that I won't make you blush too much with my affections:)
    Jen Morrow

  2. I think Jiggs is the perfect name for him. And it just looks like he has so much personality.

  3. My gosh....those EARS! You are just adorable and I'm just tickled you are able to enjoy life now.

  4. LOL!

    Photo #3 is the best photo ever!

  5. That wild man zoomies mode picture is awesome! It's great to see him thriving!

  6. I think Mr. Jiggs is going to give Robin a run for his googly-eyed money. With that third pic expression, they look like little peas in a pod.


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