Saturday, July 23, 2011

Make a Wish

Its not a shooting star, its a flying Star.
Today she taught new barn volunteer Joanne the flirt pole game.
Star loves getting air. When she's playing with the flirt pole we can all enjoy her high flying style and she clearly relishes the opportunity to be praised for her jumping skills.
I'm pretty sure Star feels like all her wishes have come true now she's a barn dog. Imagine how happy she will be when she has her very own family, and hopefully her very own flirt pole.
What a beauty!


  1. Star's a star indeed! My gal loves getting air, too, and will often add an extra twist, spin, or barrel roll just for the joy of it. I really love this blog--thanks for all the wonderful posts and photos!

  2. Has she taken any interest in a frisbee? She might be a flygirl after disc! Or agility star! She's awesome!


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