Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Importance of the Barn Project

Recently, within a span of 6 days, my own pit bulls and a neighbor's pit bull have been the targets of prejudiced and undeserved comments. Shocking to me as in all of the almost 8 years we've lived in this quiet, sleepy East Bay suburb, I recall one similar incident. I honestly thought our neighbors were pretty enlightened about the evils of breed prejudice.

Unfortunately, some people have yet to see the light, probably because they've closed up their minds pretty tightly when it comes to seeing the overwhelming positive results of dogs being judged as individuals and not on where they came from or their body type.

When people make comments like these under their breath: "How could you own a pit bull?" or "Please walk your pit bull on the other side of the path so he doesn't get too close to my dogs," or "Keep your pit bulls off my grass," it's pretty evident there is still work to be done. That's where the Barn Project and its residents come in. Especially for dogs like Star and Chunk who came from dog fighting operations, people still need convincing it's what on the inside that matters.

The Barn Crew and the barn residents will continue to work their hardest to dispel myths, educate the misinformed, and fight prejudice, to remind people individuals need to be treated as individuals. This includes all of the barn residents, current and former, my own girl, and pit bulls everywhere.

Hopefully, people will let go of their unfounded fears and not recoil when they see me and my girl (who literally proved she wouldn't hurt a fly in a nose work class) walking in our neighborhood, or when any other pit bull owner happens to be out enjoying one of life's simple pleasures that all other dog owners are able to enjoy.

When life hands you lemons.... blog about it; then go hug your dog.

photo of catherine's pal Tulip


  1. don't pay any attention to closed minded people. They don't care to know the truth behind media frenzies.
    go hug your girl!

  2. You need a thick skin sometimes to own and love a pit bull...but they make up for it with big love and cuddles. Just think how sad it is that people who make those comments will never know the sweet hugs only a pit can give.

  3. Your girl is just beautiful! I hope more people will see the light about this fantastic breed.

  4. you guys do consistently amazing work, and the rest of us are forever grateful. but people's perceptions can be very difficult to change. my mother is still a bit scared of my snuggly 35 lb. pit mix after more than two years. slowly, we chip away...

  5. I'm a Peace Corps volunteer in Moldova, coming back to CA in August. BADRAP has gotten me addicted to pit bulls. Every time you guys post a new picture on Facebook, I end up spending way too much time looking at blogs and pictures... I plan to visit when I come back and hopefully, volunteer. Oh, and Pinky has been my profile picture for a long tell her family if you can.

    Marion Adams


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