Saturday, July 16, 2011

Barn Lessons

Much has been written here about the lessons the dogs learn during their time at the barn. Manners. Basic obedience. Socialization skills.

But while the Barn residents have been learning their lessons, they have been teaching some lessons as well. Lessons that help dogs who do not live at the Barn.

I have seen it over and over again. No matter how un-ideal their beginnings are or how they got here - the dogs here blossom into the companions they were meant to be, thanks to the consistency, patience and love provided by the Barn Crew.

It is not magic, no matter how magical a sunrise at the barn may be.

This is the lesson the dogs have taught me.

This lesson learned has recently allowed me to open my home to a shelter dog in distress. A dog with health issues and unknown personality. How was I able to say "yes"? I have the example of the Barn to follow. So, although Molly does not live at the Barn, those Barn residents past, present and future are helping her.

Molly says "thank you"

My hope is that the lessons from the Barn reach out to every corner wherever there is a dog who needs a helping hand to reach their potential.


  1. Plus, we all really like hearing about the barn dogs on the new blog.

  2. Welcome to the big family Molly! and thanks for saying yes! I learn something from the blog every time I read it! Fantastic!

  3. I'm off today and hanging with my own dogs a while before I go to the local shelter. I just wanted to say how inspirational your posts are. If I hadn't become familiar with your work through your blog I don't think I would have taken a chance to foster a dog-dog aggressive pit bull, Hercules, who was returned to the shelter and deteriorating fast his 2nd time around. He's doing great and starting to act more settled (through fences) with other dogs. I'd like to do more to socialize him but the staff doesn't want to place him with another dog so it is a moot point. And I am cautious about doing it alone. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!


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