Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Day at the Office (Captain Spanky's vacation adventure)

Captain Spanky's vacation ended today and he rejoined his barn friends, but not before meeting a whole lotta new fans and friends while learning what it takes to be "An Office Dog". Here are some pics from Spanky's "Day at the Office".

Here he is taking a ride to the barn lady's office campus. Spanky looks a little apprehensive about this strange new place and what kind of reception he'll receive. After all, people have given him funny looks before, though he sure doesn't know why.

Spanky: "will these people be nice to me, barn lady?"

Barn lady: "Yes Captain Spanky, don't worry - they'll love you!"

On arriving at the office, the Spankster took a tour of the area and was introduced to several of the barn lady's co-workers.

Here he is meeting Giant's fan, Tony Rabanal who is awed by Captain Spanky's athletic musculature.

Spanky showed Tony his wonderful manners by doing a nice sit-stay (he'd really rather sniff through the contents of the trash can, but barn lady told him to "leave-it" so he did)

Good boy Spanky!

Next he visited Jeffrey Lowery who gave him a nice "behind the ear" massage.

Spanky: "Hmmm..... this whole office thing isn't so bad after all! Being an office dog is kinda fun!"

In the meantime, word got out that there was a very special visitor in the office and several fans showed up to admire Spanky who then showed them how well behaved he could be. The Spankster showed them his sit-stay, shake, down, and leave-it. They oohed and ahhed and some said he was better mannered than their own personal dog! And yup, Spankalicious was a special favorite with the ladies!

Perry Canete is used to little purse sized dogs, but loved his velveteen coat and gentle demeanor.

Spanky: "I'm just a hunka hunka bully love!"

Here are Russ Siciliano and Captain Spanky having a "heart-to-heart" conversation.

Spanky: "pushing those buttons in front of that gray thingie is work?"

Russ: "Yes Captain - its brain work, and using your brain so much can be very stressful. But thanks for giving me a big hug -I feel so much better!"

Finally though, the barn lady went to work on her computer so Captain Spanky settled down to do his job as an office dog / assistant......

Good job Captain Spanky!!


  1. Great job Captain Spanky! You're such a doll!

  2. I wish the Spankster worked at MY office.

  3. He is truly cute. Great day, Captain Spanky!!

  4. What a great group of dog lovers!

  5. Cptn Spanky needs a permanent blog! all of the barn dogs do!! awesome reality show from a Pit Perspective:)


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