Saturday, September 10, 2011

Did you hear?

Hi Everyone! It's me - your ol' barn buddy Mr. Jiggs.

I'm guessing everyone has heard by now that I graduated from the barn life and now live in a real home with my foster family. My foster family is: Missis, Mister (i think it's funny that we kinda have the same name!!), Uncle Rube, Joey and Spankey (no- not Spanky from the barn - this Spankey is a kitty!!).

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on my life as a foster dog - but for now here are a couple of photos - just so you remember what I look like.


  1. right on! congrats Mr. Jiggs! and thanks for the update - we love ya!

  2. How could anyone forget you, Jiggsy? We see your ears coming over the horizon about half an hour before you do! ;D

  3. Yay!! Even though we miss you at the barn, very glad to read of your new life as a foster dog Mr Jiggs. Enjoy this new chapter of your ongoing saga and look forward to reading more :)

  4. We certainly miss you up at the barn, Mr Jiggs. Seeing you from afar in training class just isn't the same. Pretty nice though having a real home to enjoy life in. Be good for Missis and Mister.


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