Friday, September 23, 2011

Jondi on holiday

It was a fun week having Jondi as a houseguest.

When she first got here, she was a little tentative, not sure about the new surroundings with all of their strange smells and sounds.

But after the first day or so, she really started to settle in.

She kept me company while I worked from home part of the week:

And enjoyed some play time in the back yard.

For some reason, Jondi's presence brought out the local wildlife including repeated visits from a family of raccoons and this family of turkeys (whom I have never seen in the yard before). After I shooed them away, Jondi had fun playing with the feathers they left behind.

She was always up for an adventure.
What're we gonna do now??

And kept tabs on the neighborhood happenings:
I see Bob's just getting home from work...

She is used to being a house dog and had delightful manners. Although it was a short stay, she was a wonderful addition to our house!


  1. Well of course Jondi willed herself some wildlife into the yard! She's a tried and true turkey whisperer! She looks so happy as your houseguest.

  2. Love her bright eyes and big huge smile - Donna's right, she looks ecstatic to be a house-dog again, for the week at least :)

  3. What a doll, and a well-behaved guest. I'm so glad she got to stay!!

    Sarah (NYC)


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