Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The mysteries of Jondi

Okay, Jondi's been back at the barn for a week now, but I just had to share a few more thoughts about the time she spent with us.

Things I didn't know/realize about Jondi before she came to my house:

1) She wags her tail A LOT! "Hi Jondi" - wag, wag, wag. "What are you doing?" - wag, wag, wag. Look at her sideways - wag, wag, wag. "I think I'll get a glass of water" - wag, wag, wag. It definitely puts a smile on your face.

2) She is quite adept at using a lap top.

See the blue selected text on the screen? Jondi did that on her own. No lie!

3) She snores a little sometimes when she sleeps. It's pretty cute, and oddly relaxing (if only I felt the same way when my husband snores!).

4) She likes to find Jondi-sized spaces to nestle in while she checks out what's going on.

5) She's got one of the best smiles around.

But that, of course, I already knew.


  1. Wow - that's one high voltage smile!!! Jondi looks very happy to be back in a home being treated like the little princess she is.

  2. I love a dog (like my own!) that wags whenever you talk to her/look at her. It's just so nice to have a positive response to everything you do! And yes, a dog's quiet little purry snorty snore is strangely comforting in the night. I'm glad to hear that Jondi possesses all of these wonderful qualities!

  3. Love these updates, you should share more videos!

  4. "....every little thing she does is magic..."
    ...seems like a certain Joanne is rightly in love with a certain little Jondigirl
    (0: <3 <3 <3 sweet post!

  5. Hi lilydog, Yes, I am clearly smitten (you noticed that, huh?). I love how Jondi is unapologetically herself and I admire her confident silliness. And it doesn't hurt that she's a real sweetheart!

    Thanks for enjoying the post! :-)


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