Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Foster Puppy

1. Sleep in on the big bed.
2. Morning sunbathing and yard inspection with Auntie Scout.
3. Long walk in the park with Uncle Jake to sniff things and observe how to be a big boy.
4. Dress up in a silly outfit so your foster people can giggle at with you.
5. Hugs from Auntie Scout.
6. Practice the good boy stuff, like 'sit' and 'look' and get treats.
7. Evening nap with Auntie Scout and Uncle Jake. What a nice Aunt and Uncle to let the little squirt share the big bed!
Roscoe is enjoying the good life as a foster puppy, but he'd love to enjoy all this fun with his forever family.  Come and meet Roscoe and his sisters Addy and Magpie next Saturday, September 15th at the BAD RAP open house.


  1. Precious pictures. I just know there's the perfect home out there for Roscoe and all the others. There will be so many people rooting for Roscoe and all the other wonderful dogs that they find that special person or persons at your open house. These blogs are so great in showing how special each dog is and thanks to all you fosters and other people at Bad Rap who help these beautiful dogs. So many people appreciate what you do.

  2. I love how Aunty Scout who was once a Bad Rap foster dog herself is now showing Roscoe the pup the ropes. It takes a village AND their dogs....(GRIN!)

  3. It really is nice to see what a great baby sitter Scout has become. Thanks for the blog. :)

  4. May I ask why Uncle Jake is wearing booties?

  5. Scout and jake want him as a baby brother

  6. Uncle Jake is 12 1/2 years old and the cool little booties give him traction on the hardwood floors :)

  7. They are hard to resist. So cute.

  8. Aw, so fabulous to see that Scout, she of the zigzag leg, is now getting to be a great foster aunt! The picture where she's "hugging" this little whippersnapper is darling! As cute as this little fellar is, I doubt he's going to be hanging out with his aunt and uncle long before he's sunning on the big bed in his forever home!

  9. Rosco is an old soul. I fell in love with him the second I saw him. Sweet and Floppy! He plays so well with his Auntie Scout! He goes outside to do his biz and listens very well. I have rescued two bad rap pits (Twiggy - formerly Wali and Daisy - formerly Maisy) and both have been amazing beings! If I didn't have four dogs in my house already I would scoop him right up. Best breed on the planet.


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