Tuesday, September 18, 2012

rock hunt

Olive came by for a little visit this weekend and spent some time sniffing all around the flower garden.

"Hmm. I smell Gurdy and Willy and Astro and Diva and Boom-Boom and Oscar and Elliot and Catfish and Tallulah ...."

Me: "You darn dogs! You gotta stop pissing in the garden!" *shaking fist in air*

Olive: "Okay." Sez while quickly letting out a wee spray for the others to enjoy.

Me: "TIM! We need a fire hydrant back here ... Or ... a ROCK!"
Tim: "Okay. Let's go get us a rock."

It turns out that selecting a rock is much harder than we imagined.

It's a lot like looking for the very best pumpkin at the pumpkin farm. Every rock looks exactly like its neighbor until you start getting to know them as individuals. Then, they show you so many different personalities that it gets overwhelming.

Round gray rocks, colorful chiseled rocks, humble rocks, statuesque rocks. How do you choose?

We spent almost half an afternoon getting to know the homeless rocks, imagining as best we could how each one would fit in.  The workers left us to ourselves -- there was no meet-your-matching going on in this place.

After getting mad at ourselves for spending too much time on our rock hunt, it finally dawned on us that we needed to put each one to the test. The butt test. So we spent some time going 'round and 'round sitting on nearly every one.

"Hmm. This one is too pointy. And this one is too round."

"Lookit - This one has a great place to lean and put a coffee cup!"

Finally satisfied, we bought us a rock. Two, to be exact. One for my butt, one for yours. We heaved it into position next to the tiny oak tree where some of our dogs are buried. Olive gave it the sniff test and approved. 

But the real test was comin' up....

Jimmy woke up, stretched his long legs and blessed the rock as only an elderbull can do. Mission accomplished.


  1. Rock shopping for the K-9's! I love you guys and all you do for these wonderful pitties! Bless You!

  2. Thanks for making me laugh yet again! I like the notion that searching for the best rock is like picking the best pumpkin. I'm glad you found a good pair and that Jimmy approves!

  3. Do I spy the wonderland that is American Soil and Stone?

  4. LOVE this!!!

    Homeless rocks!

  5. Welcome to BAPRAP, homeless rocks. I'm sure you'll also be given names soon, once your true nature is determined. You will be well cared for and loved until you...no you'll probably be there long after everyone else has left. You have purpose and meaning in life. Enjoy the pee!

  6. My two faves, Olive and Jimmy Long Legs!

  7. Why am I reminded of Bouncer and his Bad Rock? "Homeless rocks," Donna, you kill me!

  8. So cute. Love your blogs. I am glad you helped some homeless rocks. Now the rocks are truly blessed by Jimmy. Many people, I am sure, look forward to the next adventures at Bad Rap. Thanks again for this cute blog.

  9. You guys are great! Thanks for the laugh!


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