Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Diva, playin' the field

Overheard in the school play yard....

Diva "Psssst Willy! Your little brindle girlfriend has left you for another guy. Waddaya think of that? Pretty rotten, huh? So ... Doya wanna go steady then?"

Willy, "Uh. You're cute, so Okay."

(Don't tell Willy, but we caught Diva whispering the same to Astro, Farnam and Elliot. This belle of the ball has a pack of boyfriends all to her little self right now. Suh-weet!")


  1. It does look like she's actually talking to him doesn't it? She's quite the flirt. Diva enjoy. You've got it made with the fellas for the time being.

  2. Lucky Diva. So cute.


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