Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Olive's first friend

This is the first person who ever allowed Olive into her heart, back when she was twisted around from nearly two years of solitary confinement in a SoCA animal shelter.

We know for a fact that Lisa's got a good eye for seeing to the core of a stressed dog's funk, because Olive was a mess of PTSD-like behaviors back then. But of course Lisa saw the real Olive and decided to try and convince anyone who would listen that she was still alive, just slightly buried underneath that stress.

Olive adores Lisa - as you would guess. Even back in the shelter, when she couldn't muster the courage to lift her head or kiss her on the check or accept her toys, she loved her.

So much has changed. The girls had a reunion this past weekend that included a pajama party in the guest cabin and major zoomies in the yard. Fun! Lisa remarked on how bold and pushy Olive is now and how smoothly she navigates the drills at training class. And Olive was more than happy to show off her stuff.

Thatta girl Olive!


  1. I love Olive! I'm so glad that Lisa saw her potential and that you guys decided to take her on in order to show that she could so much more than her shelter label!

  2. She looks truly happy. In rescue, that was when I knew we could breathe a sigh of relief. That we'd done something right. The big bully smile of sheer happiness and love. <3 You guys are amazing.
    Donna, are you still worried about Jimmy? When I see new posts, I'm always hopeful to hear he's starting to blossom.

  3. More great news. I am so happy for Olive. Thanks so much to all of you who help these wonderful dogs. Thanks again for keeping us updated on their progress.

  4. What a fun reunion! I was fortunate enough to be a housemate of Lisa's at Animal Farm's internship this summer, and she absolutely has a heart for the underdogs (and the overdogs and the elderdogs and the youngsterdogs, and the everythinginbetweendogs!). Glad to see you all having fun!!


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