Monday, September 17, 2012

Dance with us! October 27

Let's face it, we all really NEED to stomp our feet and hoot and holler and spin in circles and grab hands with strangers and laugh too loud. At the barn. Where the dogs already know we're a little nuts.

So here's the gig and - gosh - we sure hope you can come.

It's a Special Foot-stompin' Celebratin' Fundraiser for BAD RAP in honor of what happened five years ago this October. That's when a soon-to-be famous group of dogs left Virginia and landed in the golden hills of California. Five years!

Come join us in celebrating the five year anniversary of the Vick dogs' homecoming with a foot stompin' Home Sweet Home Hoedown on October 27 in Oakland! With us will be noted author Ken Foster, with fab stories from life in New Orleans and a big stack of his brand new book, I'm a Good Dog. 

We'll have a hoedown style BBQ, drinks, live music and a caller for some serious barn dancing, and a pack of the canine celebs ready to shake your paw - all at our beloved Rescue Barn in the Oakland Hills.

Meet Jonny Justice, Teddles, Uba, Audie, Zippy and Amazing Grace and congratulate them yourself on five years of being at home, doin' good PR deeds for pit bulls everywhere since leaving VA. Of course the barn dogs will be there too.

The only hanging question you should have is: WHAT WILL YOU WEAR?

To buy tickets: Hoedown!


  1. I bet a lot of people would love to come if they could. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun. But those of us who can't come will be celebrating virtually along with all you great folks and dogs. It certainly is a Vicktory worth celebrating every day. Hope you have a great turnout at the Hoedown. I am sure a lot of people will get a kick at doing some barn dancing, meeting all you great people and, of course, all the great dogs.

  2. So cool. Sounds like it will be a real good time.


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