Wednesday, September 5, 2012

nice guys finish last

Willy has something to say ...

"I've been meaning to have a talk with you....

We're cool and all, but you've seriously been ignoring me. I know, I've been the ultimate good guy - Not causing aaaaany trouble or screaming SAVE ME SAVE ME in big cap letters. That's just not my style. But nice guys finish last, so I gotta complain a little…. Why not take me home already? I mean, this Rescue Barn gig's been good and all, but it's starting to get a little (shhhhhh) boring here. I play. I sleep. I do my walks and wag at my friends. But really, I'm just waiting for you to get your act together and put that application in and bust my butt outta here, right? I got things to do, people to meet, parties to crash. Ya hear?

So let's get this moving. You know how it works - application, meet-n-greet, yadda yadda. I'm here....Waiting. Don't make me get all screamy on your ass."

- signed, Willy


  1. Oh, Willy. Such a serious face. I just know the perfect person is out there for you. Have patience, sweetheart!

  2. I am sure it won't be long Willy. I know, a lot of people, if they could they would snatch you right up and take you home. Hang in there handsome boy. It will happen. Keep showing your wonderful self in these blogs and facebook and I know someone out there who will be a great dog owner and that lives close by will discover how wonderful you are. Wishing you it won't be long Willy. You are in good hands until then.

  3. Willy, you're so handsome! You make my heart pitter patter :)

  4. Willy, when I was visiting Cali we had a beagle at WARL named Willy. When I heard your story I thought you had a lot in common. Our Willy found his home last week; I'm sure you will soon. You seem like an old soul and very patient.

  5. I am starting to develop a big crush on that big blockhead of yours, Willy.


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