Monday, September 10, 2012

Gurdy has left the building

Miss Hurdy Gurdy waddled her sassy little self down the long driveway of the barn for the last time today on her way to bold new adventures. She's going be shacking up with BR alum Salvador and learning about the way of the world from inside a real live house.

The hope is to get this little miss on track with being a CGC star and -- maaaaybe -- even a therapy star like Big Sal. Her deafness affords her a devil-may-care attitude around even the loudest distractions, and her sunny outlook is perfect for charming every human she meets -- So why not? We'll just have to see if she can learn how to sit her happy butt still in exciting places. :-)

We will miss her something fierce around here! No more wee silly nugget circling our ankles and demanding a constant party in her honor. Sob! Fare-thee-well Gurdy. Thanks so much Jackie and Greg and Sal for giving her your best.


  1. Hail to the Goof! I hope all of your dreams for Gurdy come true--we all know she'll be having a great time doing whatever the future holds in store for her!

  2. Oh come on. What did I ever do to you guys to deserve this kid of teasing? Sal AND Gurdy under one roof?! Can you at least give me advance warning, before you start posting photos of them together? I want to thrown some cushions on floor to break my fall when I faint. SAL!! GURDY!!!

    1. Believe me Jess, I know! Our teeth already hurt just thinking about all this sugar in one place.

  3. I have become so attached to all of your fantastic dogs. Gurdy is such a pretty, sweet girl and only deserves the best. I hope you can feel my smile here in Ohio:)

  4. Awesome news! Sounds like a good fit for this beauty. Good luck Gurdy.

  5. Awwww Gurdy. Could this picture be any cuter?!! I love the big smile on both of their faces. I wish you the best Gurdy on your new adventures....I think you would be a perfect therapy dog!! :)

  6. May Gurdy's leather chair be occupied by an equally wiggly bum.


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