Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I think he's starting to bloom

I'm not talking about the flowers in the garden that the dogs love to sniff and "water". I'm talking about our Texas elderbull who you read about in an earlier blog I'm worried about Jimmy.

At last Saturday's Open House event, I noticed Jimmy enjoying the attention of the folks he met and he was very interested in the children he saw there. It also helped that Lisa, Olive's first friend from the OC was handling him and apparently had an over-nighter with Jimmy at the guest cabin (that Lisa was quite the busy lady during her recent visit!). Then during my next shift at the barn, I noticed a definite twinkle in his eye and when Jimmy hit the yard, I swear his inner puppy came out, and the leggy elderbull romped and ran in the greatest of spirits. There was most definitely a smile on that horsey face of his! And periodically, Jimmy would return to check in on his new friend, Lisa.

Here he is taking a quick play break AND getting in a quick chin scratch - you can practically see the twinkle in his eyes.

And before bed-time, Jimmy picked a couple of toys to keep him company. He chewed on that blue bone toy with the enthusiasm of a young pup then flopped exhausted to wait for the lights to go out.

So am I imagining it? Could it be true? That like a tender flower, our Jimmy is starting to bloom?


  1. It is amazing what the right environment does for a dog. Good work Bad Rap!

  2. Absolutely wonderful news. Thanks for helping him and updating us on his progress.

  3. I'm sure it is true. Love enough and love comes back to you. I thought Jimmy was waiting for someone -- maybe Olive and Lisa fill the bill for him.

  4. Enjoying petting? Selecting toys to keep him company? Acting interested in people (and kids!) in general and Lisa in particular? Such great news! I hope this is the beginning of Jimmy's transformation into more than just a statue of an elderbull!

  5. Donna Downer here .... I'm not so optimistic about big changes, to be honest. Jimmy spends most of his day staring into space or walking around aimlessly and can panic if he's confined. But it really is nice to see him enjoy the space and kick his heels up during his out time and give drive-by bumps for coveted butt scratches. He's truly 'awake' is when he's working or in motion. Then, back to wander, stare, bark, bump and scratch my butt now. And yes, he loves his toys. Simple pleasures for a troubled boy. But when it comes down to it, he is who he is and that's got to be okay.

    1. Bummer - I was so hopeful! But yes, during the shift which was when I saw him, he was in motion and enjoying the space and his toys.

  6. So happy for him!!!!

  7. Hooray! Great work. Bad Rap is the best!


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