Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tula sends her love

Tallulah (now Tula!) stopped by the other day with her new mom and her new boyfriend Shiner to say hello and to let us know how very happy she is with her new life and her new friends and her new yard with squirrels to chase and even the horses that she gets to see almost every day are nice too, and by the way mom got rid of one of the dog beds since she and Shiner would rather just share one together anyway and gosh darn everything worked out just like you all said it would so thank you very much for the love and good vibes!


  1. So happy you got your happy ending Tallulah (Talu). Thanks for the great news and update.

  2. We are so very happy for you sweetie. Thanks for checking in and letting us know you are doing just great.

  3. Big hugs & kisses Tula - thanks for keeping us in the loop on your wonderful new life with your mom & boyfriend.


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