Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Astro Arrives

Finally! We're settled now. We know who the barn bosses are. We know what each other smells like and looks like and moves like. We understand things like "leave it" and "good dog" and "come here."

... Play has begun.

Gurdy figures out that Astro really likes his toys. Best game ever: "I will steal your toy."

Diva and Astro? Lemme tellya. Sittin' in a tree ....


First comes love, then comes marriage.

(But ain't gonna be no puppies in this baby carriage)


  1. I am glad things have settled down for you all and you get to truly enjoy these dogs. Great pictures once again. They are truly beautiful and lucky dogs to be helped by all of you at Bad Rap. Hope you have lots of good luck at your open house and plenty of great potential owners and/or fosters to help these dogs and you out. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Glad they are having so much fun and getting along. Sending plenty of good vibes and well wishes for a great turnout at your open house.

  3. Wonderful news!! So happy for everyone.Diva and Astro are one cute K9 couple! :)

  4. Love reading your blog. That Astro is a cutie! I can't believe no one has snapped up that Gurdy!

  5. I'm glad things have settled down so the fun can begin! Looks like Astro has it all figured out, at least when it comes to the lady dogs!


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