Tuesday, September 4, 2012

temporary digs - by Jibboom

I heard that Olive wrote a blog, so I'm writing too so you'll all know where I, Jibboom the panda-faced princess (as Barn Aunty calls me), have been.

The barn is full right now and very busy since Bad Rap took some in of the Texas dogs, so I loaned out my kennel, packed my blankets and went to stay with Aunty and her family for a few weeks - a princess needs comfort and tranquility after all!

Here I am taking a car ride - I love road trips!

I thought I was going to have a nice little vacation, but nooooooo - Aunty set up a schedule that has me working - me, the panda-faced princess! Can you believe it! Oh well, it isn't so bad after all (tee hee hee).

I have to spend time relaxing in my crate to get used to brief confinement so when my forever family (are you out there reading this??) takes me home, I'll already know how to be a good girl.

I get to practice being an office dog. I go to the office, meet new friends, share my toys, and help Aunty's co-workers "de-stress".

Easy peasy - I can do that in my sleep!

Oh oops! Here I am being busted sleeping next to my chewed through leash - but really, it was laying there next to my chew toys so can you blame a dog for getting confused??

I have to learn to be polite to cats. Aunty has a bratty little kitty that scratched up my beautiful nose one day though admittedly, I snuck into the cat's room and chased her which she did not like - but how dare that kitty scratch MY nose!! So now on walks, I have to practice leaving all of the the neighborhood cats alone (and there's lots of them!) and ignoring them when I pass. And I have to practice walking up and down the stairs without looking for, whining at, or chasing that darn kitty. Bah!

Here I am checking under the bed to make sure the kitty isn't hiding near MY crate.

I also have to exercise and take walks every day. It's lots of fun though and once I got to go on a hike with 2 new dog-friends that Aunty met through HikeABull (a Northern California Hiking Group for dogs and their people).

We saw lots of ducks and geese and I got to wade in a nice creek. The water felt so good on my paws!

I saw a turtle but couldn't find any fish - oh well, a girl can only hope.

My legs are so much stronger now that I can now jump up on Aunty's super high but super comfy bed to relax while she works.

Even though I have to work, follow rules, and have good manners, being a good house-dog comes naturally, though I'm not perfect since I sometimes try to chew Aunty's slippers, but Aunty says there's no such thing as a perfect dog anyway, just like there are no perfect children!

Here's a final picture of me at Aunty's house with my little friend the Kikster doing one of my favorite things - taking a lovely nap; Yaaaawn!

This is Jibboom at my temporary digs, signing out.


  1. Well Jibboom. It looks like Aunty has you on the right path to being that great pet and getting along with that pesky kitty. Love the pictures. Great shot of you looking under the bed. Enjoy your stay with Aunty and the other great people in Auntie's family helping you. You are a beautiful dog. Hope you find a great home soon.

  2. Great picture at the end. She looks pretty content there at her temporary digs. Those are good people helping you out Jibboom. You are a lucky girl.

  3. What a swell vacay for a panda-faced princess! It's fabulous that you're getting all this great house- and office-dog practice while loaning out your kennel to dogs in need and that your hind legs are strong enough that you can make it up on the big bed!


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