Monday, September 10, 2012


A busy day at the barn yesterday.

Astro got a spring pole. Farnam got a nice walk to strengthen his wobbly legs and some training. Diva got to be everybody's play session party girl.

Yomai did her first (nearly) solo shift and organized the chaos like a pro - an important step towards being a full fledged team member.

After ten days of decompression time, Jilly (once named Magellan) had her first full contact intros with Uba and Lulu. That ten days made all the difference and our once overly-defensive girl felt right at home with her new dog friends. 

Shown with Uba, who is smooching barn crew trainee DeAnna.

We threw Jimmy an old dog party with elderbull Lulu and Honky Tonk. He thought Lulu was sexy for about five seconds, but cookies turned out to be way sexier.

Jilly's reward for being such a good girl with the dogs was a game of bite the water stream from the hose - a most favorite game. Here she shows us her "I'm-getting-my-spay-stitches-out-now" face. Yay progress.


  1. This last picture if my favorite. He or she looks happy.

  2. I know there's probably a lot of people, if they lived closer, would love to become full-fledged members at the barn helping these dogs. Great pictures and the last picture of Jilly is so sweet. Love the name too.

  3. Thanks to all your hard work in helping these cuties. Love these blogs.


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